Open Tribune: Den Kalmyk

«President Trump’s position on Syrian issues is extremely pragmatic. It proceeds from the philosophy of the United States national interests. Why would American citizens sacrifice their lives in these conflicts? Neoliberals that lowered the rating and international prestige of the country during their reign are to carry responsibility for them. In Syrian case, Russia acted on the basis of its national interests. Therefore, Putinism won. We have to do the same».

Den Kalmyk – PhD, expert in economics. He was a Senior Lecturer at Yale University and Oxford University. Guest author to «The Liberty Nation».


Open Tribune: Areg Galstyan

"Not only sanctions are political and economic tools against Russia, but they also unite Congress as a legislative institute of power. Only sanctions against Moscow are adopted by an absolute bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress. Meantime, the similar instrument against Iran or China causes harsh debates within each of the parties, between the parties, various committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Interestingly, the American legislators that typically have discussions and doubts in other cases do not have anything of that kind when it comes to restrictions against Russia."

Areg Galstyan – PhD, a regular contributor to the American Thinker, The Liberty Nation and Forbes.

On preparation of new sanctions.