Our Columnists

Objective explanation of the political, economic and sociocultural realities of the modern Russian state of Vladimir Putin and the ideology of Putinism.

Areg Galstyan


Regular contributor to The American Thinker, Forbes Russia, The National Interest. Expert of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)

Den Kalmyk

PhD, expert in economics

He was a Senior Lecturer at Yale University and Oxford University.

Van Harutunian

He was a visiting expert at the School of Political Sciences in Strasbourg, France. He completed an internship at the UN, was a guest lecturer at New York University.

Alexander Fisher


Lectured at the University of Utah and Kansan University. He specializes in the theory of international relations. His research interests include ideology in US foreign policy.

Youri Keldushev

Historian, an expert in Latin American countries' domestic policy. He was a Fellow in Rio de Janiero University.